2016 CSA Shares are now available!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This model of distribution provides benefits both for the farmer and for our customers. You pay upfront for a spring, summer, fall, or full-season share, and we provide you with a share of the harvest each week. Your early payment allows us to purchase seeds, potting soil, upgrade tools, etc. so we commit to growing quality, certified-organic produce for you. Our CSA members come first and often enjoy items that are not available at markets. Members who pick-up on the farm also enjoy a pick-your-own flower and herb garden. We send out weekly newsletters with farm updates, a list of the week's harvest, and recipes.  

What to expect: Spring shares are valued at $15/week and include nutritious spring greens, early roots, rhubarb, and other early season favorites. As we move into summer, share value increases to $25/week and includes more fruiting crops (tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini), brassica crops (broccoli, cabbage), alliums (onions, garlic), more roots, head lettuce, and lots more! The fall season wraps things up with glorious late-season winter squash, beautiful greens, brassicas, lots of roots, onions and more. Eating seasonally connects us to the cycles on the farm and in nature and allows for new options for creative cooking each week.

*get a discount by committing to a full-season!


CSA Sign-Up

CSA Sign-Up 2016

Member Testimonials:

“I love getting incredible fresh produce from farmers I really like.”photo (5)

“Really fresh organic produce lasts longer.”

“The variety and quality were great.”

“It was like a present every time. We always love new and interesting vegetables.”

“I see it as a great way to give back to the community while also receiving something material in return. I love supporting the work of the Community School, along with helping to reduce my impact on the environment by eating local and organic.”

“We love feeling like we're making things easier for our farmers, too.”

“I love having local veggies. It's always sad when I have to go back to buying veggies from the supermarket. I was able to feed my family of 5 all summer, almost without buying anything else.”

“Our CSA is a bounty of delicious goodness that grows in a thoughtfully prepared and tended garden--much like the bounty I enjoyed throughout my childhood.”

“We get fresh food, we support local agriculture -- how can you go wrong?”

“I get great vegetables and a connection to the farmers and the farm. I can't participate in the farmwork, but I love the connection, and the produce is superb.”

“It supplements what I did not produce in bulk from my garden.”

“I love supporting the school and farm, but I also love going to a grocery store and not buying any veggies because I can get all I want and need here.”

Located at The Community School, a non-profit private day school in South Tamworth, NH, we are both a production and education-based farm. Our farm manager, a seasonal assistant, our students (grades 6-12), and community volunteers, grow a wide variety of certified organic vegetables on about 3 of our 340 acres of conservation land. We believe in building community through food with our three-season CSA (farm shares), a strong year-round presence at our local farmers' market, and by providing for our weekly farmers' table lunches and summer dinners open to the public. Our goal is to be a model of sustainable agriculture for our students and for our greater community.  

The Community School | 1164 Bunker Hill Road | South Tamworth, NH 03883
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