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The First Day Back From A Two Week Break….

Having morning meeting, run by Madison, in the library because it’s the warmest room in the school; Reflecting on Beowulf’s journey as a hero; Checking the pH of both aquaponic systems before measuring plant growth, changing the water and feeding

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Seahorse in the Sky

I see a cloud that looks like a seahorse in a party hat. It’s the only cloud in the sky so does that mean he is the only one at the party? What is the seahorse celebrating all alone in

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Purple Cowboy

He rides into town on his horse But really he just drives a truck with a horsepower of 240 He struts in with two six shooters and spurs clinking on his ankles But really he walks in with a laptop,

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St. Liebling: A Tale of the Search for Relics of the Holy Bearcamp River

St. Liebling was a simple Great Dane and Great Pyrenees puppy that joined a religious order at the age of 7 weeks old.  She lived a simple life in the monastery of the Twin Peaks and became very devoted to

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Draft: What Does Passing With Distinction Look Like?

What does it look like to PASS with DISTINCTION? Passing with Distinction is not the same as getting an A. We are not asking you to do more, we are asking you to go deeper, to be more creative and

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You Make All the Difference

Dear Friend, This has been a powerful new school season for me, my 17th at The Community School: my daughter Madeline, a senior, literally raised by the village that is the TCS community, is applying to colleges. We’ve toured and

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Bioshelter Reflection Blog #2: Madeline Moneypenny

Today we reviewed the information we have gathered so far in a journal exam. It tested our preparedness and organization, since keeping accurate records is an important part of the scientific research process. For math we reviewed conversions, flow rates

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Bioshelter Blog #1: Gabby Croto

  Our Bioshelter class is split in two, due to the timing. One hour before and after lunch, and our class is split into two groups. I am in a group with Madeline, Skylar, Connor, Anthony and Albert. Yesterday in

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Poetry Drafts from Reading & Writing Workshop

Hard Times Running down the street Past the general store Past the pub and past the drug store with the NO LOITERING sign   Just underneath the sign An old man sits I look in disgust and the man looks

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The Green Light In My Life

I am a pickle fanatic One of many who chooses to delight in the sour, salty flavor of the  pickle. Some say I am strange because I love all parts of the pickle; the ripe pickled cucumber, The mouth watering

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