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You Make All the Difference

Dear Friend, This has been a powerful new school season for me, my 17th at The Community School: my daughter Madeline, a senior, literally raised by the village that is the TCS community, is applying to colleges. We’ve toured and

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Bioshelter Reflection Blog #2: Madeline Moneypenny

Today we reviewed the information we have gathered so far in a journal exam. It tested our preparedness and organization, since keeping accurate records is an important part of the scientific research process. For math we reviewed conversions, flow rates

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Bioshelter Blog #1: Gabby Croto

  Our Bioshelter class is split in two, due to the timing. One hour before and after lunch, and our class is split into two groups. I am in a group with Madeline, Skylar, Connor, Anthony and Albert. Yesterday in

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Poetry Drafts from Reading & Writing Workshop

Hard Times Running down the street Past the general store Past the pub and past the drug store with the NO LOITERING sign   Just underneath the sign An old man sits I look in disgust and the man looks

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Crepes Take On The World, Thursday at Noon

Fall is that glorious time of year when we have excellently crisp sleeping weather, streaks of color woven across our hills, bountiful gardens going to bed for another cold season and…freezer cleaning time. Yes.  Freezer cleaning. This is the month

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Farmers’ Table Goes Gourmet: Sweet Finale

Now that the Russian cherry bombs (delightfully effervescent fermented cherry tomatoes) are in their brine, spiced deliciously with sage, garlic, lemon and green onion, I thought I’d focus on the last three dishes of our epic fundraising local foods feast.

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Farmers’ Table Goes Gourmet Entrees: I dare you to skip this meal!

Back with more descriptions of the Farmers’ Table Goes Gourmet fundraiser coming to The Community School on September 30…. You’ve gotten through a few libations, three hors d’oeuvre courses, Parker House rolls, and three salad courses (including the Wonder Fries!).

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Farmers’ Table Goes Gourmet: Lettuce Begin

If you’re in the know, Farmers’ Table Goes Gourmet is an experience you’ve allowed yourself: a 13-course meal composed of the most luscious local ingredients, displayed and served beautifully, for your delectation, and to benefit The Community School. Let’s explore

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Farmers’ Table Goes Gourmet: scholarship fundraiser

    On Saturday, September 30, we’ll bring you a phantasmagoric dining experience, featuring the most luscious of local foods, prepared with love and creativity.  Join us for this feast, as we come together to celebrate all the good that

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Welcome Back for our 28th Year!

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