2016-17 Classes Are Ready for Enrollment!

Afternoon block classes have, with significant input from students, been established, and will continue our study of the modern era (1900 to the present). Middle School (grades 6-8) choices include: Mediation and Conflict Resolution; Explorers of the Modern Age; Transportation: The Auto to the Space Shuttle; Modern Conflict and War; Civil Rights; Social Action: What Do You Care About; Understanding State and Federal Government Roles; and Why Do Wild Places Matter? High School students (grades 9-12) will choose from: ISMS: Totalitarianism, Communism, Fascism, and Capitalism; Food Systems and Climate Change; Dissent and Protest; Economics and Markets; Ethics In A Modern Society; Communicable Disease; Environmental Conservation; Branches of Government: Checks and Balances or Road Blocks?

Travel is essential to what we do, whether day trips or international excursions. Courses for this period will include travel to Washington DC, a 100-mile hike, volunteerism at the Common Ground Fair, and opportunities for international exchange in the Czech Republic or Costa Rica.

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Slumgullion Menu – January 30, 2016

Download the PDF file .

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Slumgullion: A Pop-Up Restaurant 12/12/15

Join us for a unique and exciting dining experience, as students and their teacher prepare and serve you an exquisite locally-sourced meal. All proceeds benefit the student trip to the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, and France, an expedition culminating a year’s study of the 20th century.

Cheese and Such: Big Farm cheeses, Mad Hen Farm spicy pork jowl spread, onion jam with bacon, sliced winter radish, pickled red onion, and fresh-baked baguette.

Mushroom Bisque with Sherry-Spiced Nuts

Winter Greens Salad with Parmesean Crisps

Potato Gratin with Sandwich Creamery Smoked Cheddar

Lobster and Scallop Crepes with Lemon Zest and Brown Butter, and Parsnip Puree

Golden Coins: Heirloom Squash Dumplings with Shallot, Ginger, Turmeric, Leek, Fermented Soybean Paste on a Nest of Marinated Buckwheat Noodles, Roasted Mushrooms, and Kale

Heirloom Apple and Cranberry Clafoutis with Lavender Cream

Maple Tart with Shortbread Crust.

Choose three courses for $40 or a full tasting menu for $50. Libations included, gratis. Child care available. Please RSVP by 12/10.

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Slumgullion, A New Restaurant at TCS: Eating Locally to Travel Globally

The Community School, of South Tamworth, is raising money for our year-end trip to Europe in a uniquely delicious way. We will be hosting a monthly pop-up restaurant, using the best of locally-grown meats, vegetables, fruits, and dairy to create sumptuous dishes.  This restaurant, named Slumgullion–a word connoting a glorious dish or repast of perfectly melded, perfectly prepared, perfectly divine foods–offers a dining experience like no other. The prix fixe menu allows diners the opportunity to taste each item of the five-course offerings.
Slumgullion’s opening night will be Saturday, November 14, at 6pm.    Begin with a Big Farm cheese platter with onion and bacon jam, winter radish, and baguette, and Sizzling Sisig, a riff on the Filipino dish of spicy pork jowl, spread with pickled onion, on baguette.  Move into the meal proper with a bowl of intensely flavorful Karfiolleves–a paprika-spiced cauliflower soup with dumplings, and shredded collard greens salad with roasted sweet potato and goat cheese.  Potato gratin, silken with smoked cheddar from Sandwich Creamery, and zesty fingerling cabbage rolls give a nod to the comforting foods we crave in these colder, darker months.  The main course of lobster and diver scallop crepes with lemon zest and brown butter, atop a swirl of parsnip puree, as well as crispy Golden Coins–perfectly-folded dumplings, stuffed with heirloom squash, shallot, ginger, turmeric, and leeks–served atop a nest of panfried buckwheat noodles, roasted chestnut mushrooms, and kale, are gloriously decadent.  Please, don’t skimp on the dessert; just a bite of each will send you home sated.  Pear and dried cranberry clafoutis with lavender cream or maple tart with a shortbread crust highlight fall flavors and end the evening with you saying, “See you next month!”
The Community School’s experiential, college preparatory curriculum follows a three-year rotation of thematic study linked to historical time periods.  For our current focus, the Modern World,  senior high students  collaborated with teachers, using essential questions to filter important themes, individuals, and events of the 20th and 21st centuries. With this distillation, teachers developed a series of courses which will provide opportunity for in-depth exploration, especially focused in the sciences and social studies.  The year will culminate in a three-week expedition to Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and France, where we’ll visit sites connected to major world conflicts, like World Wars I and II, and the Cold War; cutting edge innovation in the realm of nuclear physics, at CERN; influential artistic, architectural, and literary movements; along with a rich and varied cultural history of food.  Slumgullion’s proceeds will ensure that all of our students, regardless of personal or family financial position, will be able to fully participate in this all-high school trip.
If you’d like to treat yourself to an interesting and tasty meal of expertly-crafted foods and an evening of lively conversation and libation, all while supporting creative and rigorous educational opportunities, please call to reserve a place at our table.  Meals are $50 per person, including all food and beverages. Musical entertainment will be performed by TCS students Madeline Moneypenny and Elli Stevenson, singing pop and jazz standards, and accompanied by Sydnie Edwards on guitar.   Call 323-7000 to make reservations or for more information.
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Custom Rocker Made from TCS Willow, Maple and Oak

This Saturday, April 11, you’ll have the chance to bid on a custom rocker made from hard maple, red oak and willow woods from three significant trees in The Community School’s yard. Many have swung from the oak, sat under the shade of the maple and clambered up or been married under the willow. Adam Nudd-Homeyer will create a gorgeous Tappan rocker from these woods. A representation will be available at Saturday’s auction, standing in for the rare wood version available this summer.

Choose your own seating tape and design.

This is an amazing opportunity to literally take home a piece of The Community School. Perfect for alumni!

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Okimono Ivory Fisherman at Auction, Plus American Antiques

Yes, the eclectic mix of wonders keeps coming in for your bidding delight!  This Saturday, from 7-9:30, you’ll be tempted by an intricately carved ivory happy fisherman in the Okimono style.  This figurine is in excellent condition.  Antique Americana more your thing?  You’ll want to peruse our collection of carnival glass, including some exceptionally interesting large fluted and footed bowls, pewter, and crystal. We have collections of antique tools that are decorative or useful, depending on your outlook.

If you have a narrow foot–size 71/2 N or AA–you will not want to miss this event, as we have been given several pair of brand new shoes and boots by Cole Hahn, Ralph Lauren and LL Bean.  You’ll be walking the dog in style with these on your feet and a new Burberry or Ralph Lauren coat on your back.​

Bid on a collection of fine wines, along with a nifty Savino carafe to save your opened bottle for the next day’s tipple.

We have gift certificates galore, ranging from pedicures to Gen Gold certificates from Meredith Village Savings, restaurants to water parks, vacations to farm stand dollars.  Something for every interest in every price range.

Don’t think you have to be made of money to support this fundraising event.  We’ll have items ranging from $10-$2000, and every dollar you bid makes all the work we do at The Community School–from educating kids and adults to growing veggies or stewarding the land–possible.  Can’t wait to see you Saturday night!  Come ready to nibble, rub elbows with your friends and neighbors, and bid loud and often.
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Celebrate Community Auction Teaser

We hope you’ve got The Community School’s annual Celebrate Community Scholarship Auction date emblazoned on your calendar:  This Saturday, April 11, from 7-9:30pm on Bunker Hill Road in South Tamworth.  The ever-lively George Cleveland is donating his services as master of ceremonies, and will keep the night moving right along, with the perfect amount of innuendo, anecdote, and cheerful ribbing, ensuring that we all dig deep and bid often!  We’ll offer delicious food and libation as you peruse the silent auction and anticipate the live auction.  There is no entrance cost to this important fundraiser for the TCS scholarship fund.

New items keep coming in, and you won’t want to miss out on even one. 

The most exciting tidbit of the day is a rare camera, circa 1932, in very good shape, a Dr. Nagel Pupille with Schneider & Co. kreuznach xenon lens f:2 4.5cm. Rarity with “Kodak” engraving instead of “Nagel”. On winding knob: Kodak Aktiengesellschaft Dr.-Nagel-Werk”. Feet scale.  This also includes an E Leitz (Leica) Wezlar Range Finder and a Voigtlander Focar 2 32mm lens, all in the original leather case. A gem for any serious photographer or collector.

Rather look at someone else’s photos than take your own? TCS alumna, Kim Hamilton donated three original photos for our auctioning delights.  She’s learning bunches at art school, and you’ll be tempted by her talent.

Original creations abound, with a striking pendant of silver, diamond and gold, honoring the White Mountains with a silver background and layered gold hills and mountains, overlooked by a diamond moon.  Gorgeous, handmade at North Country Fair Jewelry.

Perhaps jewelry isn’t your thing, but sitting in a cozy arm chair, gazing out your window is.  Then bid on a handsome deep blue-black arm chair with classic lines and a handcrafted crewel foot stool; to go with this, you’ll want a hand-blown teal and clear glass disc to hang in your window, bending sunbeams beautifully.  The birds will be chirping away just outside as they nibble at one of their new feeders or bathe in a glorious cast cement birdbath. 

After a day relaxing to birdsong, take yourself out to dinner with a gift certificate to Jake’s Seafood and Grill or Flatbread, both will offer a scrumptious meal and you won’t have to do the dishes!  Rather cook yourself?  Bid on the Farmers’ Table cooking lessons or pick up one of the cookbooks donated by Innisfree Book Store and do it yourself.  You could use your gift certificate for the TCS farm stand to pick up some fresh produce at market or our stand.  Greens are coming in, so you’ll want this!

We have an eclectic and original collection of antique ephemera, including a group of bath and beauty aids, in antique bottles, records, magazines, advertisements, an interesting set of vintage oil or gas cans, a sterling and leather shaving mirror, and more.  For information on more auction items, check us out on facebook or at www.communityschoolnh.org.

This is the tip of a grand collection of auction items; the only way to get the full effect is to plan your date night, friend night, family night at The Community School this coming Saturday!  For more information, call 323-7000.
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Music Camps for Teens and Adults, July and August 2015

Songwriting Camp
Monday, July 27 — Friday, July 31, 2015   9am-3pm, with lunch available 
Have you ever wanted to write songs? We will explore the craft of songwriting, making songs about what is important to us. Our emphasis is on writing songs that express who we are, that tell meaningful and universal stories, and that build connection with others. Throughout history, music has been an integral part of daily life. People sing while working, to spread news of current events, to rally for political protests, for ceremonies, and for entertainment. Learn how to write effective lyrics and singable melodies. Songwriters of all levels are encouraged to attend, beginners are welcome! Instruments aren’t required, however do bring them if you play them. There will be plenty of hands-on writing during this weeklong workshop, participants will emerge from this with at least one new song, and have opportunities to share them with others.

Roots Music Band Camp
Monday, August 3 — Friday, August 7    9am-3pm, with lunch available
American acoustic music styles such as delta blues, bluegrass, Appalachian folk, old time country and gospel are at the root of many modern rock and country styles. Many contemporary artists draw heavily from these timeless roots styles while forging their own unique sounds. We will explore various roots styles including traditional blues, ragtime, slide guitar, Carter-style, Appalachian fiddle tunes, New England contra dance melodies, bluegrass, swing, jazz, country, rock and more. These genres are inter-connected, often songs from one style were played in other genres. We’ll discuss theory of scales and modes often used in this music. The workshop is hands on, participants will learn to play some songs from the repertoire of influential artists such as Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, Mother Maybelle Carter, Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Leadbelly, Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotten, and more. All music will be taught by ear, however some sheet music can be provided. We will learn to play these songs as a group, how to create our own parts on our instruments and voices, how to listen to each other and play cohesively as a group. There will be a performance opportunity at the end of the week. Attendees should have foundational playing skills on their instruments, instruction is geared towards multiple levels from beginner to advanced. Instruments can include guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, bass, dulcimer, harmonica, however not limited to these instruments. Singers are welcome! Recording devices are encouraged, they can greatly facilitate the by-ear learning process.

About Our Instructor

Shana Aisenberg plays various acoustic string instruments including fiddle, mandolin, guitar, 5-string banjo, ukulele; and diverse styles including Appalachian Old-time, Celtic, New England contradance, Eastern European Klezmer, blues and jazz. Shana performs regularly with various groups in the area; has recorded numerous albums as soloist and session musician; has written music instruction books for guitar, mandolin and ukulele; teaches at workshops and festivals nationwide, at The Community School, and various other locations in the area. Shana loves teaching players of any level. Visit Shana online at shanasongs.com.

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Community Auction!!

2015 poster

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Plan for Summer Learning and Fun: Sign Up for Camps Now!

For more than ten years, TCS has extended its playful learning opportunities into the summer, offering several camp opportunities for children ages 3-12.  Four camps combine the best elements of guided nature and farm study, outdoor play, creative and expressive arts or the elements of soccer.  Out and About Camp gives 8-12 year olds plenty of time for rambles in the wild, creative expression via the building of a week-long project, and opportunities to meet new friends or reconnect with old.  Messing About Camp allows 5-7 year olds guided outdoor exploration connected to artistic projects, with lots of loving and fun attention.  For the littlest of our camping community, Playing About offers 3-4 year olds a first-time camp experience, with interactive story and craft time, walks and play in our fields and gardens, and a safe and loving place to explore the world.  Soccer players, ages 8-12, rise to the challenge of stretching their abilities to new lengths, under the adept coaching of a veteran varsity soccer coach.  Kids get plenty of exercise while building strength and deeper understanding for strategy and technique.

For more camp info, or to register, download forms from the website or call us at 323-7000.  Scholarships for Tamworth campers are available through TCS.  Campers from Freedom, Ossipee, and Effingham  can apply  to the Ossipee Children’s Fund for camp fee support.  Campers from Sandwich can apply for support through the Quimby Fund.

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